COAT on-board equipment – making sure the train understands the rails.

smartrail 4.0 aims to introduce new functionalities quickly and easily. This also applies to the on-board CCS functions. The new functionalities are to be implemented as applications on a common platform. This enables a modular approval regime as well as efficient maintainability and simple expansion during operation.

Digitalisation brings high levels of automation, powerful functions, low development costs per function and the possibility of rapid change and further development. However, the resulting high degree of networking also results in more and more compatibility relationships, rapid growth in the number of functions and short life cycles - all in all, diversity and dynamism are inevitable.

This approach holds great potential, because the standardization of generic vehicle equipment and vehicle interfaces leads to a simplification of the architecture, as well as to a reduction in the variety of components and the costs for integration and approval. This simplifies the maintainability of on-board systems. The upgradeability of the applications is greatly simplified despite the increase in functionality on the vehicle side. Overall, a significant increase in operating efficiency is expected.

In summary, COAT represents an open, standardized vehicle architecture for the CCS functions required on the vehicle side. This is an elementary component of smartrail 4.0 and other functions.